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Development of Microsoft Excel tools for streamlined processes

Real Estate is a company within the Volvo Group and is responsible for the entire Group's real estate assets and offices. Although they are located in Gothenburg, they are responsible for more than 60 properties around the world. An important element in their work is the optimization of office use and value.

Volvo Real Estate was in a situation where they needed to streamline their costs and therefore wanted to develop efficient tools for internal use. "An important prerequisite was user-friendliness, a problem we had experienced with external tools as they were overcomplicated," says Thorsten Cziuppa Future Workplace Manager and interior architect at Volvo Real Estate. Therefore, they wanted to develop a new tool in Microsoft Excel to facilitate user-friendliness and avoid A meeting was planned with representatives from HandelsConsulting, and Thorsten expressed his happiness with the professionalism and attention they received. ”We had not decided what the end product would be like, and we experienced HandelsConsulting as driven, ambitious and eager to develop the tools together with us ", says Thorsten.

Flexibility with frequent workshops and meetings as well as the fact that HandelsConsulting is not stuck in structures was a decisive factor. The collaboration resulted in two projects and two new tools for Volvo Real Estate. One was a needs analysis that formed the basis for the creation of a tool that measures and optimizes the flow within the offices through analytical processes. The tool enables continuous measurements that produce automatic coating diagrams for a clear and understandable overview. The second tool is an order matrix that groups and streamlines the ordering process for regularly ordered items. In addition, a standardized catalog of all articles was established. Thorsten emphasizes the success of these tools, which enable them to become more autonomous, flexible and to work more independently in their workplace. He believes that this will also contribute to significant cost savings.  


"I would like to end by saying that HandelsConsulting is very professional, service-oriented and easily accessible, which we value highly"  

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