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Analysis of Visiba Care's market potential in Europe

In recent years, several countries around the world have adopted new strategies to be able to participate in and support the development of society's digitalisation. The sector that, as a result of the corona pandemic, has seen an accelerated development is healthcare. In connection with the pandemic, digital healthcare applications have come into focus as healthcare has been in need of extra support. The attitude towards the use of digital care has changed as digital care applications have opened up new opportunities to get in touch with healthcare staff. As a result, e-health companies have seen opportunities for expansion as more countries are in need of support in healthcare through digital and innovative solutions

In September 2020, the Swedish e-health company Visiba Care raised SEK 100 million in a capital round run by Swedbank Robur and CNI Nordics with the aim of expanding in the Nordic region and Europe. According to Johan Gustafsson, CEO and founder of Visiba Care, the company's sales have already multiplied and the number of users on the platform increased from 5,000 to 25,000 between the months of March and May this year. As the expansion is centered on the Nordic region and Europe, Visiba Care needs a deeper understanding of the market potential in these areas to use capital with the right focus for future returns.

In the summer of 2020, HandelsConsulting conducted a market analysis on behalf of Visiba Care, which focused on six markets in Europe. The purpose of the study was to create an understanding of how three aspects could affect a potential expansion: the political situation, structure of care systems and digital maturity. As Visiba Care has created a technical platform that gives healthcare organizations the opportunity to open one or more digital clinics under their own brand, the analysis of each country was also important to understand how this type of service could work in each market. Based on the data collected from each country, we could also see a clear trend regarding which markets were adapted for the Visiba Care platform and based on that formulate recommendations regarding the direction of expansion.

Based on projects, the way forward for Visiba Care has been to work with strategy discussions and review new parameters and values. "The idea is that we will find one or more markets to establish ourselves in and after the execution of the project, we now have a better probability picture of where we will go," says Johan Gustafsson. Through the project, Visiba Care gained a solid foundation to stand on for future expansion.


“We received a complete delivery that exceeded our expectations. We have worked with HandelsConsulting on one occasion before and also see the possibility of collaboration in the future. ” - Johan Gustafsson, CEO

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