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​ Vasakronan is Sweden's largest real estate company and due to its large property portfolio of 171 properties, they have taken a great responsibility to not only develop their office and retail properties but also the districts they are located in. This means that Vasakronan has a long-term goal to create value from the inside out to support their owners, the AP funds, in generating returns that will benefit Sweden's current and future pensioners.

Per Dahlbeck, Senior Investment Manager within Real Estate Investments at Vasakronan, contacted us at HandelsConsulting when they faced a challenge in the profitability work of their new and innovative Arena in Stockholm, Arena Sergel. Per chose to contact us on a recommendation and that he saw an opportunity to "get good support and knowledge from young future skills who can look at our business in a new way."


Vasakronan has created a completely new office concept, Arena, which "is a super-modern version, and extension, of its own office." In connection with the planning of Vasakronan's second Arena project, Arena Sergel in Stockholm, Per Dahlbeck, Senior Investment Manager within Real Estate Investments, realized that they needed help in the profitability planning of the three storeys as the business idea revolves around common co-working environments adapted to several different types of organizations. .  


HandelsConsulting thus assisted with an assignment in highlighting and planning driving forces and profitability for Vasakronan's corporate arenas. The assignment was specified in a planning tool that the arena managers can use to optimize the arenas' content, assess profitability levels in the various content parts, create forecasts and composition analyzes. Since March 2020, HandelsConsulting together with Vasakronan has formulated an Excel tool that can not only be used for Arena Sergel but also for profitability planning of future innovative arenas. As Vasakronan had high hopes for a tool that was flexible and user-friendly and had opportunities for modulation, communication during the project was extremely important and Vasakronan now has a tool that can easily help the company plan and forecast profitability levels in the Arenas.

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