Market Intelligence & Strategy

Within Market Intelligence & Strategy HandelsConsulting is providing companies and organizations with insights and understandings regarding potential, possibilities, competitors, risks and other external factors that may be crucial for future decisions. During the years HandelsConsulting has developed a well functioning project methodology and has conducted projects both nationally and internationally.

Customer Insights

Within the service capability of customer insights, HandelsConsulting is offering various types of customer surveys and analysis. The project can be aimed towards current, potential or previous customer segments and have a focus on customer experience, demographical profiles or other factors that provide insights of customers’ behaviour and requests.


Operational Management

Operational management is a natural but crucial part of each business. In a fast paced world with quick changes in consumer behaviour and consumption patterns, new concepts and business models arise. With help from data driven decision processes, we help our clients solve operational challenges in the present, in order to adapt and enable growth and flexibility in the future.


In the modern world of digital transformation, companies and organizations must work actively with digital development. We at HandelsConsulting provide our clients with insights of how their business models can adapt, enable new services and improve with the purpose of identifying new revenue streams and generate customer value. Through evaluation and analysis of the market, HandelsConsulting can provide knowledge that is crucial for a successful digital transformation.

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Corporate sustainability is focusing on combining economical aspects with social and environmental aspects in an effective and efficient way. Sustainability has become a critical measurement for businesses and organizations, as a result of increased requirements from different stakeholders. With the latest academical knowledge within sustainability, HandelsConsulting help organizations create sustainable operations combined with a focus on profitability.


Within organization, we at HandelsConsulting provide insights regarding your organizational performance, which results in enabling synergies, effectiveness as well as efficiency, but also an edge compared to competitors. By offering an external perspective, HandelsConsulting can provide valuable insights that may be crucial for the well-being of organizations.


We provide businesses with the latest knowledge and expertise from Gothenburg University of Business, Economics and Law.


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