Helping CarbonCloud and Cappy Keep the Ball Rolling

In 2021, HandelsConsulting had the privilege of working with Peter Gustafsson, an entrepreneur and investor of SaaS (software as a service) businesses. Two of these businesses are CarbonCloud and Cappy. CarbonCloud is a platform that calculates the climate footprint and maps the value chain of products for both companies and individuals. Cappy, meanwhile, is an application that works with employers to give employees access to their earned salaries before the monthly pay day.

These companies are both fairly young and growing fast. Peter explains that companies facing such situations constantly have new questions to solve and must make sure that none of the different areas of their businesses lag behind. In the case of CarbonCloud and Cappy, they needed quick overviews of their respective markets, including their potential customers and partners. More specifically, CarbonCloud was interested in the overall size and their potential for growth in the American and UK markets. Cappy, on the other hand, was in need of Swedish partners that could provide the company with systems for payroll and accounting. However, with their limited management teams, they were looking for assistance with this research.

HandelsConsulting was recommended to Peter by three different customers. Together the two parties sat and discussed the possible actions that could be taken to help promote the growth of the two businesses. An agreement was reached in which HandelsConsulting would do a market analysis for both companies.

For CarbonCloud, HandelsConsulting researched the approximate size of the plant-based food manufacturing market in the USA and the UK, while also evaluating the market’s potential for growth. In order to accomplish this, HandelsConsulting created a list of relevant actors through desk research that was then categorized in accordance with requirements presented by CarbonCloud. This list was also accompanied by insights into the potential growth of each market.

In the case of Cappy, the focus was on finding potential partners that could provide the business with payroll and accounting systems. HandelsConsulting did this by mapping out the specific market using a list of its different actors along with their respective market share. In the end, HandelsConsulting focused on a few actors of interest that were investigated further and then provided Cappy with a list of five well researched potential partners well fit for their company.

When asked about the services and results provided by HandelsConsulting, Peter claimed that the consulting firm “went beyond expectations”. He described HandelsConsulting as a fast-paced company composed of ambitious consultants with genuine interest for the businesses they help. The information collected is currently being used in different areas of the companies as a tool for future growth. The results have accelerated the growth of their businesses and saved them 6 months of research, an invaluable amount of time for a start-up. Following these projects, Peter now feels inspired to continue using student knowledge and expertise to help grow his businesses. He feels that the services provided by HandelsConsulting fit his young companies well and he can already see several areas in which the consulting firm can assist with in the future.


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