A Letter from the CEO

2021 is coming to an end and what a year it has been! Through ambition, joy and commitment from everyone at the company, we have had an eventful year with over 100 completed projects alonside a strong performance in sales. I am proud of everyone at the company and am very grateful to have been the company’s CEO this year.

I became the CEO during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and did not know what to expect from the year. Initially, the work was digital and all social activities had to be adapted and carried out through various digital platforms. Through creativity and innovation, we were able to build relationships and maintain the desired corporate culture despite prevailing circumstances. Gradually during the year, we have been able to move towards a more hybrid solution where some work activities could be done physically. Employees were also always provided the opportunity to work from home, however. The fellowship between employees has remained strong during the year and the commitment shown from each employee to maintain the community has been inspiring and has given me memories that I will cherish for life.

During the year, sales have been stable and have not faltered despite the challenges posed by Covid-19. We have achieved this through a successful effort to streamline our internal processes in sales where everyone at the company has played an important role. During the year, we also developed a new line of services adapted to the market, our customers' desires, and the know-how within the company. This has allowed us to carry out large and complex projects within all our different service areas, focusing primarily on market & strategy, sustainability and digitalization.

I feel extremely grateful for the past year and for being a part of this company. My year as CEO has given me many lessons and developed me personally. I will carry this experience with me far into the future. I look forward to seeing HandelsConsulting continue its development in the coming years.


Alva Rydberg

CEO HandelsConsulting


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