We are HandelsConsulting

HandelsConsulting is Scandinavia's largest student-run management consulting firm. Through qualified services we provide businesses with the latest knowledge and expertise from Gothenburg University of Business, Economics and Law. To companies and organizations this a unique opportunity to access the latest knowledge from Gothenburg University through advice on issues that are crucial for continued growth, stability and continued development.


We bridge the gap between the academic and business sphere by adding practical experience to the student’s theoretical skills. With a diverse range of students from the University’s different programs working together, we are able to deliver a great scope of projects based on the range of our consultants shared and accumulated expertise.


HandelsConsulting was founded in 1997 and has since then delivered more than two-thousand projects to both the private and public sector. A large proportion of our clientele are returning customers, proving that our ambition to always deliver top quality results has been successful.

Board of Directors

Nora Wängerud


IMG_0900 (1).JPG

Linnea Newsome



Hanna Ericsson Klein



Ellen Håkman

Marketing Director

IMG_5082_21-01-2022-12-40-13 (1).HEIC

Zeinab Maitham

Business Area Manager - Large Companies


Evelina Spaanheden

Business Area Manager - Small Companies


My Selg

Business Area Manager - Public Sector


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