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You do not have to wait three years to start building your career or start working in your field. We offer the perfect workplace for people who want to work in a professional environment together with other ambitious students from the University of Gothenburg School of Business, Economics and Law. Regardless of whether you are studying the first year of your bachelor's or your master's, you will be able to both contribute and develop here at HandelsConsulting.


Our services cover all of the School of Business, Economics and Law's teaching areas, which means that you, regardless of what you study, can apply your skills. You will also be able to take part in training seminars with prominent people in the business world, all while joining a wonderful group of student consultants who carry out many fun social activities together.


Do you study at the School of Business, Economics and Law and want a head start in your professional career, make valuable contacts, and make your study time extra special? Then HandelsConsulting is the right company for you. Apply today and join our team!

(Note that in order to work with us you need to be fluent in Swedish)

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What we can offer you as a student

Gain practical experience by applying the theoretical knowledge you have learnt in school on real business projects.


Develop both professionally and  personally, while advancing within the company.


Establish a professional network and community with like-minded students.


Our alumni today work at world-leading companies with exciting assignments in finance, management and sales.

Lisa Åsehäll Syversen applied to HandelsConsulting when she was studying her second semester of the Logistics program at the Gothenburg School of Business. After graduating and finishing her last two years at HandelsConsulting, she went on to start working at Meltwater. Where she later took on the role of Managing Director. This is what Lisa had to say about her time as a consultant at HandelsConsulting;


"I learned to take initiative, to be creative, to trust my own solutions and ideas." - Lisa Åsehäll Syversen

Gustaf Sahl​én

Partner, EY

I made crucial contacts at my first employer and also gained a very good understanding of how running a company works in practice.

Sobhan Bromandi

Senior Accountant Executive, Salesforce

I learned to be fearless, to handle and take responsibility for difficult and challenging situations. It gave me a huge advantage when I started my professional career.

Sobhan Bromandi .jpg

Victor Stensson

CEO and founder, Bokio

HandelsConsulting has given me an incredibly wide network of contacts with smart people who I still have frequent contact with to brainstorm ideas or get expert help on the issues that arise in life.

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